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Ollie’s going to Kindergarten May 4, 2010

Posted by caizooka in autism parenting.

So, we weren’t able to get Oliver into the EEU for the fall. Bummer. It is amazing how it all works out though because I think that in the long run, his new plan for the fall will end up being best for him. LOVE it when it works out for the best! Of course, I have many, many concerns, worries, and anxieties, but I have faith that it is going all be okay. I have to believe that. Once we found out that it didn’t look promising for the EEU for the fall, Oliver’s amazing IEP team met informally and came up with a fantastic alternative for him. We are so impressed by the level of caring of these most amazing individuals. They recommended that he be in the dispraxia program at the same school that he is attending now. Peter and I went to see it and really could envision our Oliver being successful in that environment. It is a self-contained program and the student-teacher ratio is 1:3. So, it looks like about 9 kids to 3 adults. Wow. Perfect. Especially having been witness to this escalation in sensory issues as well as behavioral issues, we feel that he’ll be in good hands. The fact that he’ll get to work with the specialists, in the same school, that is our neighborhood school, is such a blessing. Cross your fingers and think super positive thoughts for him!

I got to watch the last 5 minutes of his Pre-K class today and I was really happy watching how well he was participating. So proud of how how hard he tried and how engaged he was. Even though he liked to mess around with his buddy next to him. And, honestly, this cracks me up and makes me smile more than anything. The fact that my autistic son was interacting with a buddy just like an almost 5 year old should be…YES!!!  That is awesome!!!  Go Ollie!


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