why a mound of shells?

When I began to write this, it was primarily about O, and our struggles with his autism. The lessons, the laughter, and the heartache that we incur along the way. Then it transformed into writings about raising all of my boys and their very different perspectives being raised in this world. And now it is apparent that it is just my life’s journey. My Japanese last name means, ‘a mound of shells’. It boils down to just that. This is where God placed me. With these three boys with their varied needs and gifts. In this sometimes grey, and sometimes sunny city of Seattle. And, this is the name I was born into, ‘a mound of shells’. It makes one ponder. Why are the shells in a mound? What kind of shells are in the mound? What is under the mound, to the sides, on top. Who put the shells into the shape of a mound. Is it a tall mound? How tall? Are the edges sharp or smooth? What is the texture of the shells? Are they all the same texture, or all different? Again, who put the shells in the mound, and why?

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