a beautiful vacation

Peter and I took a week long vacation and really had an amazing time. We went to Cabo and did nothing. One day I literally laid in bed, after sleeping in, with the air conditioner on full blast, and I watched ‘The Love Boat’. Why?!! Just simply because I could. The acting was bad, I wondered what I was thinking when I was younger being so in love with this show. But, all in all, it didn’t matter because I was smiling the entire time. I loved the fact that I had the luxury of having that hour to do anything that I wanted, even as menial as watching such a show. Oh, yes, Julie, Gopher, Doc, Captain Stubbing were a vibrant part of my vacation! Bliss.

I was able to check out from my life and just be. Reflect upon me. Upon us. The foundation of what is. I am just on the brink of turning 40 and it was a good get away and time to sink into our bones a little. I come back a relaxed, grateful, happier, more thankful person. So glad that I could have this week to gather myself. So grateful for such a kind and wonderful husband. We had a good time. Laughing hysterically together, in tears about where we are at and where we are going, yet also in tears together about how lucky we are to have such a family. Wow!