many glimmers of sparkly hope

After yesterday’s bleak post, (sorry…) I will share some positive highlights of today…

-Oliver came home from his beloved Teacher Heather’s last night and took the air popper out, measured and poured popcorn in, placed the bowl, and turned the popcorn maker on entirely on his own. He didn’t eat any, but hey, small victories!

-Emil asks Oliver when he was freaking out, “Ollie, what’s wrong? Why are you sad?”.  Keep in mind he just turned two!

-Julian has decided to engage in school and has produced a lovely video about cyber bullying with his buddies. What a great bunch of boys that he surrounds himself with. Love those kids sooooooo much!

Oliver has had his share of tantrums and very challenging moments today. VERY challenging. He told my mom that if she made him get on the bus that he was going to have a tantrum.  WHAT?! Now he is threatening people. What next! Mom managed to turn his behavior around but it is devastating that this behavior has extended beyond just threatening his mom and dad.  Grief!

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