Should have known better. Oliver was starting to get a little restless and locked himself in the office. My mom and I were trying to get Emil to calm down because Oliver slammed it smack on his face and he was angry and trying to hit his way thru the glass doors. Then Oliver found a piece of paper and what appeared to be a Mr. Sketch pen. He started to draw and looked like he was doing a pretty good job of self-soothing. About 10 minutes later I went back and saw that there was blue marker everywhere. I thought to myself, ‘Well, atleast it’s not a Sharpie!’. Then I looked down on the desk and recognized the undeniable Sharpie pen cap in the exact same color blue. Panic! It is everywhere. On the hardwood floors, desktop, chair, Oliver’s arms and shirt. I didn’t freak out but just said, ‘Oh, NO, what happened here?’ Oliver said, ‘Oh, I’m so sorry, Mama, it was an accident’. I said, ‘sure is’. I don’t think that he did it intentionally, but it certainly wasn’t an accident. Regardless. Now I have to try and get this out. Any ideas? If there is one thing that I’ve learned with him over the past few months is that when I have a big reaction to something, he does, too. Both in happy and sad times. So, I gathered the pen and walked away. He was feeling really remorseful and starting down a negative path until my mom took he and her dog, Libby, to the park. From there, he’s been in good spirits.

2 thoughts on “NOT THE SHARPIE!

  1. Mom

    Oh yes, he talked about his “art work” and was showing me the Sharpie marks on his hands. Not knowing what to say, I told him that I used to have these marks on my hands for days when I used to teach. It as kind of hard to wash it off so the marks stayed for days! He just laughed his cute little laugh and skipped (I MEAN SKIPPED) off to the forest with Libby. He is such a lovable free spirit.
    Let me know how you get the pen marks off the floor!!

  2. Erin

    That stinks about the sharpie! Axel decorated our wood kitchen cabinets with a sharpie and I was able to get it off very easily with a product called “Goof Off”… It didn’t damage the wood or anything. Hope it helps, Karen! =) You are an awesome, patient mommy!!

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