‘gluten-four’ makes my tummy hurt

Oh, Oliver and his sayings. I love him. Today he had a very heartfelt conversation with my sister, Malia, on the phone about going to Trader Joe’s. He said that he bought ‘gluten-free’ because gluten-free made his tummy feel better and had the purple signs (the signs that they use at Trader Joe’s to signify that an item is gluten-free is a purple sign). Then he said that orange juice also protects his tummy and makes him feel better. He then told her that ‘gluten-four’ made his tummy feel bad. I gather that he has interpreted ‘gluten-free’ to be ‘gluten-three’. What a nut. I haven’t had too many conversations with him about this so a lot of this has really been about him picking up on the conversations that I have about gluten-free diets with my mom, sisters, and friends. He is incredibly literal. He makes me chuckle 😉

One thought on “‘gluten-four’ makes my tummy hurt

  1. Mom

    Remember when he said gluten-four today. Yes, he makes me chuckle and more chuckle. When the power went off today for an hour or longer, he couldn’t understand where “power” came from, thinking it was in the cord of the popcorn maker. First of all, he thought it was my fault! We even had to plug in the popcorn maker to discover that the “power” was off because the popcorn maker didn’t make any noise. Cute guy!

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