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an autistic kinda day December 8, 2009

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I don’t know how to better describe some of the behaviors of O from today other than ‘autistic’. He was far more at the other, less functioning end of the spectrum today.  In the morning he woke up in a good mood and after Baby E, Daddy, and J got off to school, I told him that we were going to go to Paint the Town (a pottery ceramic place) to make Daddy a birthday present. O is Mr. Birthday and he was so entirely excited to make his beloved Daddy something there.  I talked it up a storm and he was thrilled.  When we got there there was a kids group that was waiting to go in and their teachers were corralling them outside.  I don’t know if it was that, or what that just plain freaked him out.  Once we got in there he started to yell and scream about how much he didn’t want to be there and how much he ‘hated’ it and how ‘stupid’ it was.  I took him into the back and for some reason there was an adorable little ceramic doggie that had ‘O’ written on it’s collar.  I thought it was a sign to convince him that he would be comforted here, but for some reason, it just enraged him further.  The girl in the shop was really sweet but had clearly never dealt with an O. She could not fathom why anyone wouldn’t want to paint ceramics and have a perky smile on ALL DAY LONG.  Can you see my eyes rolling back in my head right now! So, O and I left, and went to Starbucks to get a treat.  The new Starbucks layout is really not very functional and is very, very loud.  O hated it.  Such a strong, powerful word.  Such a strong, powerful emotion. He covered his ears.  So, we left and went to a couple of shops that he did okay in.  He loved Fireworks with all of their original knickknack like things.  Fortunately we didn’t break anything!

For some reason that I could not quite decipher, O spaced out alot today and was hard to predict.  Yet, he was absolutely sweet and adorable, too. When he came home from school he was fine but was easily off set.  He screamed at the drop of a hat, or even less.  If Julian walked into the same room, he fussed and screamed.  If there is one thing that I could ask for for Christmas it would be for my children to get along and NOT scream.  It is painful to hear them. It tells me ‘I’m not satisfied in my life and it is YOUR fault, MOMMY’. I know that this statement is not true in my head, but that is nonetheless what I feel in my heart.

This evening wrapped up so well.  J and O were playing TOGETHER.  WOW.  That is new. They were video taping each other flying down the stairs together.  Destructive, yes, but adorable, yes.  Win, Win!!!  No injuries or trips to Childrens.  O’s huge love for dancing and Julian’s huge love for music was harmonious this evening.  O danced to some songs that J video recorded.  Too cute!


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