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Lovely O September 23, 2009

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Since O can’t go back to school until he’s cleared from the health dept from his e.coli, we had an outing today.  Just Ollie and I headed downtown.  We ran a couple of errands in which people were enamored with him.  Completely and totally head over heels!  I gave him a pack of gum and he kept on giving it out to anyone he met.  It was adorable.  People loved him and ate him up.  It was wonderful to watch him interact with people he had never met before. We parked at Pacific Place and went up the elevator at P5.  At P3, a very prestigious man, dressed impeccably, entered the elevator with us.  O immediately said, in a very O kind of way, ‘Hi, What is your name?!’  The man, who looked like he wouldn’t give anyone the time of day responded very debonair-like, ‘my name is Mark, what is your name?’  O said, ‘I’m O’ From there they were buddies and had a little chat on the elevator ride up to C level.  I was so impressed with O’s charm.  Such ability to disarm.  With in a few seconds of speaking, he had broken down any barriers that there were.  It was adorable and so soothing to just be an observer.  He turned around on the escalator and asked the very hip looking dude behind us, ‘hey, are you following us?’.  The guy was super playful back and said, ‘no, are you following me?’  He and O entered a playful banter of fun speech about following and being followed.  He offered him a piece of gum at the top of the escalator.  Of course.  Everywhere we went, he was Mr. Charisma.  Kind, personable people were like magnets to him.  I felt like a spectator to the World of O.  It was blissful and my cheeks hurt from the permasmile that I was sporting that entire time.  That’s right, I never stopped smiling.  He completely captured my heart.

After awhile, he started to tire and started to feel the need to be more in control of the situation.  Atleast that is the way that it appeared to me, observing from the outside, looking in.  He started to lay claim on what he needed and when and how.  How he needed to be belted into his seatbelt.  Ahhh…yes, the OCD in him appears in its full glory.  He suddenly decided that he MUST be belted in with the 5 point harness, with the bottom part of the latch facing inwards, NOT outwards.  Okay.  Now that I’m aware of that, I’ll do my darnedest to adhere to this new ‘rule’.  Goodness knows that tomorrow there will be another rule that I wasn’t aware of that must be upheld.  I wish I had some insight into understanding what might come next.  Is there not a handbook that I can buy?  A Cliffnotes?!

We were in Metropolitan Market with just enough time to shop for a few items for dinner  then go and pick Juju up from school.  O decided that he must go to the bathroom in the midst of the deli order.  So we went and it took 20 minutes.  Seriously.  There are such rituals, such delays, such a lot of spending time doing nothing. Yes, it appears like nothing to me, but it is his world and it is very important to him.  We were late to pick J up.  That really frustrates me.  If you know me very well, you will know that I have a huge amount of anxiety wrapped up in being on time.  It’s stupid.  Maybe one of O’s missions is for me to get over my obsession with this.  It makes me so anxious to be late.  I was having a serious anxiety attack in the Metropolitan Market bathroom while my son was playing with the STUPID machine that miraculously spits out paper towels to you when you wave your hand beneath it.  He was fascinated with it.  I was tremendously annoyed.  Every time he put his hand out and a new towel came out and he tore it off was like the first time he had ever seen it, even though he had just been witness to the phenomena 20 times in a row.  Not to mention how many trees that he just used.  He was super pleased with himself.  I consciously had to take myself out of the ‘I’m so annoyed’ space and bring myself back to the ‘this is truly fascinating’ space.  It would have been really cute if I didn’t have to be somewhere and was dreading having to pick up J, late, who was probably super ticked off with me about it.  Oh well, the apple didn’t fall from the tree with he and I in many respects;)

My two favorite take aways from today would be the sight of he and Peter sitting on the curb at Pike Place Market eating a hot dog ever so enthusiastically, and O busting out into a major dance in the middle of Sephora.   That boy dances like no one is watching.  There is nothing better than watching him do that.  It is truly lovely.

I sent an email out last night seeking support of our situation and for the Autism Speaks Walk coming up.  Today I was truly overwhelmed by the amount of kindness and love that poured out of peoples hearts directly into mine.  I think that I am caught quite a bit off kilter by the amount and depth of the kindness that people are sharing with us.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  This experience has been so extremely intense from all ends of the spectrum.  From extreme sadness, to incredible blissfulness.  That is what life is about.


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