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a day in the hospital…good times! September 16, 2009

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Well, now that it is a day since we got home and have received a diagnosis of e.coli for O, some of the feelings of fear and emotion have let down.  O had been complaining of upper stomach pain for awhile.  Months.  It seems to have gotten increasingly worse.  He was up a great deal of Thursday night screaming with stomach pain.  Emil also joined his brother in keeping his parents up most of the night.  I saw some blood like stuff in the potty early in the morning and decided to monitor it and call the Dr.  Her assistant said that we should give him some probiotics and pare down his diet, keep him hydrated.  Then my mom, who was at the dog park with O, called when I was with E at the park on a playdate with his buddies and my friends…she sounded terrified that he was passing blood.  I NEVER cry in front of people but kinda lost it at that moment. I got Emil and myself together, hurried home, and took O to the ER, with M.  My mom stayed with E. After various tests, procedures, sedation, morphine, etc, they admitted us.  We got to go home the next day.  Our new PCP, Dr. C. came in at 9am on Saturday and was ON THE BALL!  She had everyone at the hospital working for us.  She is someone you need to have in your camp when the chips are down.  What we were hearing was that none of the tests showed anything abnormal.  Platelets were low but that didn’t explain anything conclusive.  O had extreme stomach pain, followed by an increasing amount of blood in his stools.  It was sad to see him like that.  The spacing out spells increased.  The screaming never silenced.  Finally, he was able to fall asleep for a couple of hours at a time.  Peter and I slept on the pull out sofa there.  J’s friends parents took over and completely took care of him. (thank you!!!) E stayed home with M.  Everyone was in great care.  I was pleasantly surprised at the level of care at Children’s.  Both in the ER and after being admitted.  Very good to know.  We hadn’t had that positive of an ER visit ever.  Everyone was very kind and considerate.  When O hurts, he is very effective at broadcasting his sentiments to the world around him.  I think that he has very different pain thresholds than other kids his age.  He is not tolerant of pain at all.  I have a huge tolerance for pain, so it’s sometimes hard to bear watching someone writhe in pain.  It’s hard to know how severe the pain is because he reacts to any pain in the same manner…screaming.  It’s hard to absorb.  Or deflect for that matter.

One positive thing that I can point out over the course of the past week is that O has become quite clingy to me.  I would normally find this annoying from my other kids to be honest because it can be claustrophobic, but from Oliver it is welcome.  Usually he asks for Daddy when he needs consoling which is sweet.  But today when he told me that he would be sad if he had to leave me, I was overwhelmed with emotion.  Wow, he NEEDS me.  I’ve never felt needed emotionally by him.  It makes me feel so hopeful that he will be able to establish relationships in the future that are meaningful and empathetic.  Funny that this is my take away from this whole saga.  Man, I love that kid more and more each day.  Really and truly love him.

To finish this entry on a good note, it’s been a busy couple of days since returning from the hospital and we have been truly blessed that O is feeling better, singing along to ‘Boom Boom Pow’, and eating some food now and then.  What a huge relief.  I am trying not to push him as I know that it takes his body a bit longer to recover than J or E.  He spent a lot of time spacing out today.  God, it freaks me out when he does that.  He feels so far away.  I often have to look away with tears rolling down my face.  I cannot access him at that moment and there is no point trying.  I’m finding that it’s better to wait a minute and try and get his attention when I’m not dealing with my own feelings of grief.  Better to collect myself so that I can better captive his attention in a positive light when he is ready.

After talking with the health dept yesterday, it seems that they think that Emil had e.coli first and gave it to O.  Whether or not it originated with J when he got it at camp over the summer has yet to be connected.  Depends upon if they are the same strain or not.  I love how J and his buddies call that summer camp ‘Camp E.Coli’.  Gotta find humor in it, don’t we.  So, now both little kids are in quarantine as they aren’t allowed to return to school until they’ve both successfully produced two consecutive stool samples.  The fun never stops around here!  So, yes, if you’re wondering, that is 3/3 kids to have e.coli this summer.  People are going to start wondering if we’re concealing contaminated cattle on our property or if we just plain can’t keep house.


1. Mom - September 20, 2009

Thank you so much for your warm thoughts about Ollie and your boys. Today Ollie carried on great conversations, interspersed with some Aliens, unrecognizable songs, and creative sounds! The thought of “making a birthday” just excited him to no end. I had many laughs as we created the cake, frosting, and sprinkles and realized we were making a “birthday”. He wanted some balloons and was proud to take the cake (well, most of it) home to his family. He connected so well with grandpa to help him “fix” the car since they had to charge the battery. He constantly asked questions. I, too, am sad that the medical experts couldn’t diagnosis autism earlier, but you are fortunate to have the great resources. I like the way you get his attention but having him look at you. It really worked well today. How we all love this little guy. Yes, I am busy reading the 100 pages on autism you gave me (thought I’d finish the whole thing on the cruise!!) and am looking forward to sharing some observations on the content. Love you so much. I think it is special that you have been chosen to be Oliver’s mommy! Love, Mom

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