catching on things

All of J’s friends wear their J wristbands. His friends at his school decided upon the saying. It says ‘We Believe’ and on the flip side it says ‘In Julian’.

Since it is made of rubber, it can catch. I was typing away this morning and then moved my hand. It caught. I took it off, mindlessly, and put it next to the computer and found myself staring at it. My heart skipped a beat, I held my breath. I realized how much I loved the fact that it caught on the desk and how I had to stop what I was doing to consider some of blessings that have been bestowed upon us in these past months.

I wear mine all the time. It is a constant physical reminder of the love of a community for one of their members; of how strongly this love can change a person and everyone in their periphery. In this phase of J’s recovery, this feeling of enduring compassion, inspiration, and friendship for a buddy and his family has been a life changing experience for many of us. So, yes, I love the fact that my wristband catches on my desk when I’m typing. The inherent kindness and generosity of everyone in our community is contagious. You might catch a case of it if you are careful!

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