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Autism Day at Jubilee Farms August 11, 2010

Posted by caizooka in autism, autism parenting.

What a glorious day it was! As a family we went to Jubilee Farms in Carnation, WA to attend Autism Day!  The way that scheduling works in our house is that Peter and I stick them onto our family calendar and depending upon how that day is going, we’ll attend an event, or we won’t. If an autism meltdown is eminent, the  chances of us leaving our abode are minimal. If any of our children wake up on the ‘wrong side of the bed’ we revaluate where we are and what we are capable of.

All of the stars and planets, and universes, and everything else must have been align, because we went to Autism Day on Sunday. We are so glad that we did. What an amazing and very inspired event. It was such a feeling of acceptance, warmness, and friendliness. I entered this event with open eyes and ears, a little bit curious, but we all left with a wonderful sense of peace and thankfulness. The person who created this event was the wife of a former colleague of my husband and I. Can I just say, ‘thank you!’ I’m so impressed by her commitment to our autism community. I’m in awe of what you had to endure to make our world more bearable. Thank you, Lynne! It was a very wonderful day and each one of us walked away with a different and more understanding vision of what autism is to us.


1. Lynne - August 29, 2010

So very glad you came and even more glad you had fun as a family! We definitely need to talk someday. You are NOT alone.

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