to market, to market

A huge THANK YOU to the cashiers at Metropolitan Market who graciously helped me out the other day. I rarely take my kids to the market. I can’t focus when I’m trying to manage them, a shopping list, price comparisons, and also the ingredients of food to make sure that they’re absent of any gluten. So, I use my babysitting hours to grocery shop. I needed just a few items and thought, ‘oh, how bad could it be?’  Famous last words, right?  Oliver started spiraling and Emil followed suit. It was like a symphony of tears, screaming, and anger all in one. I got my credit card out, put my basket on the counter and told the cashier that my son is escalating into a tantrum and I need to get him out of the store. I think that she understood from my tone that I wasn’t joking and that this just wasn’t a normal tantrum. She took over, and told me that she’ll ring up my order and have someone bring it out to me. Whew! She totally got it. I really, really appreciated it. I think that the over-stimulus of the supermarket just really caught Oliver off guard and he couldn’t recover. Thankfully, the tantrum didn’t escalate into one that we couldn’t get out of entirely.

2 thoughts on “to market, to market

  1. Lori Gradinger

    my guess is that this cashier was an unusually sensitive woman who figured out what to do in this situation. but, i doubt she would have known how to help if you hadn’t been so clear about what was happening with your children and what you needed to do to take care of them. i don’t know if it has been a process for you to be able to just say plainly that you your son is spinning out of control, or if this came easily to you. either way, it seems like a courageous, direct and effective approach and one that allows other people to support you, best they can. glad you got your groceries after all that. i guess you’ll be using your babysitting time for the next trip……

  2. wow, that’s a really nice cashier. nice to know that there are some people out there that get it and are willing to help a mom-in-need. hope I’m as lucky when my little 4 year old has a bad day. 🙂

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