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Back to the drawing board April 10, 2010

Posted by caizooka in autism, autism parenting, gfcf.
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On Easter Sunday we started to let Oliver eat gluten again. And some dairy. Not huge quantities of either. It’s been a disaster. We are shocked. He is spending a lot of time spacing out, freaks out over seemingly nothing, has reverted to grunting and pointing rather than using words, is unglued…I could go on. Basically, it seems like we have taken 10 steps backwards. We went to Leavenworth for the week and he had a really difficult time adjusting. He hid under the covers, in small corners when we first got there. Refusing to join in. Wanted to go home to the brown house (that’s what he calls our house). He then realized that I was willing to give in more than usual and he started demanding lollipops. Lots, and lots of lollipops. And he became compulsively obsessive about it, too.  ‘I want a lollipop!’ ‘Lollipop!’ ‘Mommy, lollipop!’ This did not end until I gave him a lollipop. It was almost humorous. Thank goodness my mom, dad, and sister were there to help with their great senses of humor. It made a bad situation not so bad. Such a gift to be able to laugh!

Okay, so what do we do now? The diet was hard, but not being on it was way more difficult. I said just last week that if it were worth it, I’d go back on it in a heartbeat. Well, my heart has beat, skipped beats, and beat again. I wanted to see if it was something else that was causing that behavior, but my instinct is pretty clearly telling me that it’s time to go back. I’m just wondering in which capacity though. We are thinking to trying going no-gluten, but having moderate amounts of casein (dairy). Honestly, all of those soy products as cheese/dairy replacements was really bothering me. I think that we’ll give this a go and see what the outcome is.


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