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give my son a donut February 24, 2010

Posted by caizooka in autism, autism parenting, gfcf.
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My God. Are there no GFCF donuts in all of Seattle? On Amazon.com Grocery? No………….. Boy, this mommy searched and searched yesterday but found nothing. My son wanted a donut. My dear, sweet, spacing out, completely adorable autistic son, Oliver who is 4 1/2, wanted a donut. I could not produce it for him. We went to several gluten free bakeries, PCC, Whole Foods, searched the internet, called local donut bakeries. I found some truly gross looking recipes. When Oliver gets a bee in his bonnet, watch out world, there is no letting up. He talked about it again and again and again. Woke up this morning asking for donuts. I made GFCF pancakes in the shape of donuts. I stacked them with pure maple syrup and dairy free chocolate chips. He did seem delighted with them. No doubt though, when I pick him up today from school he’ll be asking for the donuts again.

I am not a baker, but it looks like I may have to become one. If it means that it’ll bring a smile to my sweet Oliver’s face, then I might have to dive in.


1. Mom - February 24, 2010

Cute story. See if you can find a recipe and I’ll help you make them tomorrow! Yes, I love to please Ollie!

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