new parenting tool

J and I were in the Apple store the other day and I tried on these really cool headphones. I could seriously not hear anything other than the music coming out of the iPod. J was 1 ft away from me, talking to me and I could see his lips moving and couldn’t even hear a sound. Wow. I decided that since my parenting toolbox is currently depleted, that perhaps this could help. AND…they look really, really cool, too. I can so see myself wearing these around my house, smiling, dancing when me kids have gone haywire. Sound affects us so differently than any other sense. When I am scared in a movie but I want to still see it, I turn it on mute and, it’s not as scary.

Here is the link to the cool, Dr. Dre BEATS headphones.  Every mom should have a pair.


2 thoughts on “new parenting tool

  1. Ardeth

    I just read about a month’s worth of your writing. My heart is aching for you and Peter. Your thoughtfulness as you journey through this time is truly wonderful to read. The trials of raising Ollie are big. I know the trials of raising kids, but not autistic ones. Ollie is so lucky to have been born into the home of two such loving, caring parents. Hang in there! Big hugs, Ardeth

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