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all chirped out January 9, 2010

Posted by caizooka in autism parenting.
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It’s just been one of those days. Kids have been super demanding. O has been really into ‘chirping’ like a bird. A really high pitched sound that has been expressed in a very enthusiastic chirpy way when happy, but also in a very angry chirped-off way, too. Only a mom could tell the difference between the different chirps. This mom is done deciphering the chirps for the day. All chirped out, indeed.

In PEPS we did this great activity in the first few minutes of our meetings of everyone going around the circle and stating their ‘highs and lows’.  It’s a good exercise because it really helped me to focus on the positive, yet acknowledge the negative to grow. Today my mom and I had a great time chuckling over E in his hysterical-ness. He is such a funny guy. He thrives on attention and was soaking up every single ounce of it when he had our undivided attention. So cute!!! One high of the day. O and I made gluten-free cupcakes and frosting, complete with sprinkles, together. It was a fun experience. Another high of the day. (thanks to our friend, S, who gave us a bunch of gluten-free products and the inspiration behind it, too).  J has been so happy this week. Being back around his friends at school is good for him. He has reconnected with a dear friend of his from elementary school and I think that it completes his soul. They are life long friends. That would be one high for each kid.

The lows……….the chirps, the punching in the stomach by O when he didn’t get what he wanted from me. One friend suggested that I work on my abs to buck up for those punches, but the fact is that they come when you just plain don’t expect it. They occur so randomly that there is no way to possibly flex in time to absorb the impact of the punch or the kick or the whop. I’ll work on my abs anyways 😉 E was a screamer today and that didn’t help anything.

Today was just one of those days. We rallied the kids to go the the indoor playpark. They love it there. I think that maybe it was too crowded today or they were too tired. Maybe a little of both. They had fun playing but tired easily and wanted to eat. Mom and I got their lunches out in the lunch room. ALL of the other kids were sitting down, eating their lunches. Not my kids. E would not sit down and insisted upon running around with a sandwich in his one hand and a baggie of chips in the other. You can imagine that the chips were flying everywhere. O actually did pretty well but he was grumpy and very difficult to get out the door. I think that I was just super emotional and was very aware of the looks of  ‘what did you do to make your kids like that?’. I know the look because I used to be the one on the other side of that look with everyone else. So I get it. I understand that it’s not as much judgment as it is a combination of concern, curiosity, and a splash of judgment.

I think that I need to post cheerful, inspirational sayings on the ceiling in various locations in my house and car. When I am doing my counting to 10 to calm down in those special moments of crisis, I am looking up anyways, so atleast I could get a piece of inspiration from above.

I am saying a prayer for less chirping tomorrow and more smiles 😉


1. Mom - January 9, 2010

I also think there were many positives today. Ollie was cute when he followed the crow (outside the door at the play gym). He was talking and “chirping” constantly. It was very cute as he stood there barefooted! Then Emil, as he got control of himself in his bed, played, snoozed, sang, and talked for one and 1/2 hours. It was fun just listening to him! Then he was a humorous little guy when he got up and had the house to himself (with me, of course). He was joyous.

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