4:18 pm…pear martini, please

Well, the title says it all. I had the most lovely pear martini on Friday at Diane’s house at the 7th grade Villa parents party. I’d like to indulge again. I feel like I deserve it today. Heck, I’d take a 40 oz Mickeys at this point…just kidding…what are those anyways?  I’ve only heard about them in rap songs. Snoop Doggy Dog also sings about Gin and Juice…

I am in need of a break. We all are. E sprouted some lovely rash that turned out to be hand foot mouth disease. How disgusting does that sound! It is a bunch of bumps literally on his hands, feet, and in his mouth…oh, yeah, and his diaper area, but they don’t seem to mention that in the title.  Hand Foot Mouth Crotch Disease doesn’t sound as good. Sounds kinda crass actually. He spent probably a total of 6 hours screaming today.  Yelling, hitting, and screaming. He is just plain ticked off that he wasn’t feeling so groovy all day. He actually slapped my face once and clocked me in the head with a metal train. Parenting gives you some thick skin 😉

Monday  means that O is home in the morning but then Sandy the bus driver comes to pick him up at 12:30 to go to View Ridge Elementary for his afternoon Pre-K program. Our friend, O, would not get on the bus today. Strapped him in while he was kicking and screaming and waved good-bye, but apparently he got out and Sandy had to stop the bus, call district bus security and forcefully strap him back in. Good Lord, please tell me that they will let him continue to ride the SSD buses. I can’t imagine if we were banned from them. That would really suck a lot. I got a stern warning that O cannot do that again. I don’t know exactly what they mean by not do ‘that’ again. What? Scream? Get out of his seatbelt? I was so busy feeling guilty for my child’s behavior that I forgot to ask Sandy what that meant.  Oh, well, we’ll see tomorrow I guess. Darn, she’s a really nice lady and I feel horribly! Of course, when I picked him up off the bus he was all smiles and told Sandy, ‘I’m so sorry, Sandy, I didn’t mean to. It won’t happen again. It’s a deal’.  Does he really know what he is saying? I think that he has a sense of empathy at times but at other times I wonder.

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